The renewal of a leader

Rodman has marked the beginning of the renewal of the range of pescapaseo, now it is the turn of the new Rodman 1290 Evolution, it is the substitute model of one of the iconic models, the Rodman 1250.

Following the design line of the new Rodman 1090 Evolution, but maintaining the performance, robustness and character of the helmet of the Rodman 1250, the new Rodman 1290 Evolution, will undoubtedly be the turning point in the development of the new line.

Available in Hard Top or Flybridge version.


  • Design Category B
  • Number of people 12
  • Helmet length 11,90 m
  • Beam 4.33 m
  • Draft 0.82 m
  • Displacement 12.70 ton
  • Fuel Capacity 1220 L
  • Freshwater Capacity 400 L
  • Motorization from 2X380 CV to 2X440 CV