Zero noise. Zero emissions


We are committed to using all our know-how, experience and the latest technology to design environmentally friendly solar electric boats.

LASAI solar electric boats are one with the sea. Zero emissions Zero noise pollution. A different way of sailing and enjoying the sea, lakes and rivers, so that future generations can also enjoy them. Because our planet needs us to take it easy and go with the flow.

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Lasai Boats: Sail in Harmony with Nature

At Lasai Boats, we rely on a combination of know-how, experience and the latest technology to design solar electric boats that are environmentally friendly. In this article, you will discover how our LASAI solar electric boats allow you to enjoy the sea, lakes and rivers without emissions, without noise pollution and in harmony with nature.

Sustainable Design

At Lasai Boats, we take pride in using all our know-how and experience to design solar electric boats that are environmentally friendly. Our designers focus on creating vessels that minimise their impact on aquatic ecosystems. From the choice of sustainable materials to the optimisation of energy efficiency, every detail is taken into account to ensure sustainable and responsible design.

Emission-free navigation

LASAI solar electric boats offer you the opportunity to sail without polluting emissions. Thanks to integrated solar technology, our boats use the sun’s energy to propel themselves quietly and efficiently. Enjoy sailing without the noise and vibration of conventional engines, and contribute to the preservation of the environment by significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Silent and Respectful Experience

Imagine sailing in a peaceful environment, with no noise pollution to interrupt the serenity of the sea. With LASAI solar electric boats, you can enjoy a silent sailing experience that respects marine life and aquatic ecosystems. The absence of noisy engines allows the natural sounds of the environment to be appreciated and minimises the negative impact on marine fauna.

Preserving the Sea for Future Generations

In Lasai Boats, we have a long term vision. We believe it is our duty to protect and preserve the oceans, lakes and rivers for future generations. By choosing our solar electric boats, you are actively contributing to the conservation of the environment and ensuring that future generations will also be able to enjoy the beauty and resources of aquatic environments.

Lasai Boats’ LASAI solar electric boats represent an innovative and sustainable way of sailing. With a design focused on sustainability, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy the sea without emissions, without noise pollution and in total harmony with nature. By choosing a LASAI boat, you are choosing an environmentally friendly sailing experience and contributing to the preservation of aquatic environments for future generations.