Each of our models has come a long way from being a design project to a finished product. The entire production process is closely monitored to meet strict quality and safety standards. All divisions have specific goals and tasks to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

This division is responsible for all metal and glass parts found on Galeon yachts, from simple screws, tanks and railings to sliding doors, windows and sunroofs. Skilled workers and professional operators use machines such as the Waterjet to form the parts into all shapes and sizes. Quality is key, as all components are subject to strict durability and safety standards to withstand the constant stress of use in demanding conditions. Parts vital to functionality are constantly updated thanks to feedback from yacht owners.

From the cabinet structures, to the handles, the countertops, the cushions, the beds, the sofas… everything is designed with precision and care. Many exotic and exclusive materials are used, and quality is always a priority. Handcrafted furnishings add a finishing touch to the already spectacular interiors.

A special mold is created for each model. This process takes from two months to as long as six months for the larger models. The molds must be very accurate and robust, as they can be used up to 200 times before needing to be replaced. All parts must fit perfectly and work together to ensure the required level of performance, reliability and appearance. After the shape has been modeled, it is waxed and sprayed with gelcoat, a protective and coloring material. Finally, a top coat, the liner, is added and a complete hull can be transported to the main production hall.

Boats Galeon

Galeon 800 Fly 11
Galeon 700 Skydeck
Galeon 680 FLY 3
Galeon 650 Skydeck 21
Galeon 470 Skydeck 14
Galeon 450 HTS
Galeon 440 FLY
Galeon 425 HTS 3
Galeon 325 GTO
Galeon 405 HTS 12
Galeon-400-Fly 7
Galeon 370 HTC 11
Galeon 365 HTS 11
Galeon 335 HTS 5
Galeon 310 HTC
Galeon 305 HTS

Discover the Excellence in Design and Manufacture of Galeon Yacht Models

Galeon Yacht models are the result of a meticulous process that transforms design projects into top quality products. Each stage of production is carried out under strict quality and safety standards to ensure the satisfaction of even the most demanding customers. In this article, we will explore the manufacturing process of the Galeon Yacht and how excellence is achieved in every detail.

Quality and Precision in Metal and Glass Components
The division in charge of metal and glass components on Galeon yachts is responsible for creating everything from the simplest bolts to sliding doors, windows and sunroofs. With the help of highly trained workers and specialized machinery such as the Waterjet, these parts are shaped into various sizes and shapes. Each component meets stringent durability and safety standards, as they must withstand constant use in demanding marine conditions. In addition, feedback from yacht owners is valued in order to continue to improve the components vital to the yacht’s operation.

Precision and Quality in Interiors
From the cabinets structures to the beds and furniture, every detail of the Galeon Yacht interiors is designed with precision and care. Exotic and exclusive materials are used to create spectacular environments, always prioritizing quality. Handcrafted furnishings add a final touch of elegance to the already impressive interiors, creating comfortable and luxurious spaces for sailors.

The Art of Mold Making
Each Galeon Yacht model requires a special mold that is created with great precision. This process can take from two months to as long as six months for larger models. The molds must be extremely accurate and durable, as they are used up to 200 times before being replaced. The perfect fit of each part and their correct functioning together are essential to ensure the desired performance, reliability and appearance. Once the shape has been modeled, a protective and color coat called gelcoat is applied, followed by a final coating. In this way, the completed hull is ready to be moved to the main production hall.

Commitment to Excellence at Every Stage
From design to production, Galeon Yacht models are manufactured with an unwavering commitment to excellence at every stage of the process. Every detail is carefully considered and monitored to ensure quality, durability and customer satisfaction. Feedback from yacht owners is valued and used to continually improve existing models and develop new features and innovative solutions.