Rodman Ventura

Rodman Ventura is a new range of outboard boats, ranging in length from 6 to 8 metres, which will be offered in different deck versions: Open with Central Console, Open with closed bow and Hard Top cabin versions.

This new range has been designed to suit all target segments, from younger customers looking for sportiness and functionality, to more experienced or traditional customers who place comfort and safety first.

Rodman Ventura, represents and at the same time satisfies the desire to enjoy the sea in the open air, the sun, family and friends, to live unique moments on board.

Rodman is about to celebrate its 50th Anniversary and for the first time enters this segment of the powerboat market, with the aim of bringing the sea and its enjoyment to a greater number of people on all the world’s seas.

Boats Rodman Ventura

Rodman Ventura 890
From 120.580 €
From 49.900 €
Rodman Ventura 790 CC
From 67.170 €
Rodman Ventura 690 CC 1
From 51.395 €

Rodman Ventura boats are a true jewel in the world of yachting, standing out for their unique style, exceptional performance and unsurpassed quality. Manufactured by the renowned Rodman shipyard, these boats offer an unrivalled sailing experience for those seeking adventure at sea.

The Rodman Ventura range is characterised by its avant-garde and contemporary design. Each boat has been carefully designed, combining sleek, streamlined lines with a modern aesthetic. The Rodman design team has succeeded in creating boats that stand out for their imposing and sophisticated presence on the water, capturing the gaze and admiration of all sailing enthusiasts.

But it is not only their appearance that makes Rodman Ventura boats exceptional, but also their outstanding performance. Thanks to Rodman’s cutting-edge technology and engineering expertise, these vessels sail with ease and stability, even in challenging sea conditions. Powerful and efficient engines allow for agile and fast sailing, giving owners the thrill of riding the waves with confidence.

Comfort on board is a top priority on Rodman Ventura boats. Every detail has been meticulously designed to offer a luxurious and relaxing sailing experience. The interiors present a perfect balance between elegance and functionality, using top quality materials and impeccable finishes. The spacious and well-distributed spaces allow for a feeling of spaciousness and comfort, both in the relaxation and entertainment areas.

The Rodman Ventura range offers a variety of options and customisable configurations to suit the individual tastes and needs of owners. From the layout of cabins to the choice of materials and finishes, every detail can be adapted to create a unique and exclusive vessel. This allows each owner to have a personalised experience and feel truly connected to their vessel.

In addition, Rodman Ventura vessels are equipped with a wide range of amenities and high-tech features that further enhance the onboard experience. Sistemas de entretenimiento de última generación, sistemas de navegación avanzados y sistemas de control intuitivos son solo algunas de las características que hacen de estas embarcaciones un verdadero placer para navegar. In addition, special attention has been paid to safety, with first class security and protection systems to ensure the peace of mind of the sailors.

Rodman’s reputation for quality and reliability is reflected in every Rodman Ventura boat. Each one is built to the highest quality standards, using durable and water resistant materials. Meticulous attention to detail and rigorous quality controls ensure that each vessel meets the highest standards of excellence.