rodman muse series

Designed by the studio of the Italian naval architect Fulvio de Simoni, the Rodman Muse range was launched in 2006. Together with Rodman he has developed the Rodman Muse range, a fusion of beauty and personality with the character, strength and seaworthiness of the Rodman crafts built by Rodman in more than 43 years of expertise.

Rodman Muse is our real achievement, the fusion of beauty and charisma, of emotion and function. A range built and designed thanks to our 43 years of expertise working in the boatbuilding industry. Rodman Muse, a range designed for the senses, to enjoy the utmost pleasures at sea and unique experiences.

More than a decade later, the Rodman Muse range has become the reference range, both for its excellent design and its performance. The success of the Rodman Group knows no bounds.