Rodman boats


The Rodman Group has the most diversified and versatile product offer in the sector, making it the intangible asset where its real know-how lies. High quality standards, maximum safety and the best seaworthiness, these are the attributes of the Rodman brand.

The Rodman Group’s activity is focused on the construction of boats, with a wide range of lengths and built in different materials: vessels built in steel and polyester boats, which include both professional and recreational boats.

The company’s three divisions – steel vessels, professional yachting and pleasure craft – embody the plurality of the Rodman Group’s offer. Thus, its different shipyards produce everything from GRP patrol boats of up to 30 metres in length to steel vessels of up to 170 metres in length, including GRP fishing vessels of over 36 metres in length, regatta boats such as the Rioja de España (America’s Cup) or recreational boats from any of its four different ranges: Rodman MUSE, Rodman SPIRIT, Rodman Evolution or Rodman Ventura.