Every single one of our models has gone a long way from being just a project on the drawing board to a finished product. The whole production process is closely monitored to meet strict quality and safety standards. All the divisions have specific goals and tasks in order to satisfy even the most demanding clients.

This division is responsible for all the metal and glass parts found on Galeon yachts -from simple screws, tanks and railings to sliding doors, windows and sunroofs. Skilled workers and professional operators use machines like the Waterjet to form the parts in all shapes and sizes. Quality is the key as all components are subjected to strict durability and safety standards to withstand the constant strain of usage in demanding conditions. Parts vital for functionality are constantly upgraded thanks to yacht’s owners feedback.

From cabinet bodies, through handles, worktops, cushions all the way to beds, sofas and wardrobes – everything is crafted with precision and care. Many exotic and exclusive materials are used and quality is always a priority. The handcrafted furniture adds a finishing touch to the already spectacular interiors.

A special mould is created for each model. This process takes from two months up to even six for the biggest models. The moulds need to be very precise and robust as they may be used up to 200 times before needing to be replaced. All the parts need to seamlessly fit and work together to guarantee a required level of performance, reliability and looks. After the form has been shaped it is then waxed and sprayed with gelcoat, a protective and coloring material. To finish it off, a final layer – the skin coat, is added and a completed hull can be transported to the main production hall.